Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Whistle Pass, KevaD, also known as prize-winning author and journalist David "DA" Kentner, serves up a thrilling tale of betrayal, backroom politics, a combat veteran who just wants to be left alone, and an innocent first kiss with deadly ramifications.

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"I really enjoyed this story, it’s well written, the atmosphere is brilliant and the characters come to life..." MM Good Book Reviews (click for the full review)

I have never read anything by Keva and I must admit, I was mysteriously seduced by this book. The prose is clear and the character development is excellent. Most important is that it is a new kind of M/M novel. - Amos Lassen, Reviewer (click for the full review)
4.5 Stars for Whistle Pass "...KevaD weaves together a beautiful story about lost love and new love with a good deal of intrigue and realism." "KevaD is definitely another author that will be going into my must read more his books pile!" - Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews

In a nutshell, this was an amazingly written, intriguing story, a thrilling mystery and a subdued romance which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can only recommend it. - Reviews by Jessewave

 From the very first page, the first paragraph, I knew I was going to love this book. Whistle Pass stands out among its literary brethren; it is well-written, atmospheric, and memorable, and it is definitely going on my keeper shelf. -
 BookWenches Reviews

 This is a well written story that will keep you turning from beginning to end. I am currently about half through the book and cannot put it down. - Dad of Divas Reviews

 "This book is a gem.  Spot-on storyline, characters that draw me in and make me care, and fast paced, tightly woven prose.  Just...damn.  Stunning.
Can't get much better than this." - Bear on Books Reviews

The well written characters, both major and minor, only added to my need to finish this book in near record time. The Novel Approach

The story is immediately captivating, the characters individual and recognizable, the theme fresh, and the depiction of the mid-1950s dead on without the flash of the usual L.A. setting. - The Historical Novel Society